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Wur Cheeko by Jenny S Stewart

'Wur Cheeko', by Jenny S Stewart, is one of the poems from 'The Kist' - an anthology of Scots (and Gaelic) poetry and prose that was digitised by Education Scotland and gifted to the Scots Language Centre so that teachers and learners can continue to benefit from this valuable resource. 


Wur Cheeko by Jenny S Stewart


Weve hed a cattie as wur pet for more than thirteen years,
Although shes geriatric gettin, slightest sound she hears,
No doot, a bonnie lookin beystie, no chowed loogs or tail,
Eyes still bricht, hez aa hur teeth, an no fit yed ca frail.


Fey Clayig cam she as a kettlin in a box for shoes,
A roond black ball o softest fur, hur eyes gret beeg, lek coos,
Shed twar three neymes afore shed answer, maybe didna fancy
E anes wed thocht wid do a cat she feelt wiz kinna chancy.


A proper wumman in hur ways, yed no ken fit shes thinkin,
Wan meenid stretched across yur lap choost starin hard, unblinkin,
Nixt shed turn ferocious beyst an swipe ye wi hur claws,
Or lick ye first then grasp yur flesh atween hur vice-lek jaws.


Shes no weyss fey e day shes boarn, goes nuts faneer thurs win,
Lowps aboot e furniture, demented, wi a grin,
Spread ower hur feline feature, shed pretend ah wiz a moose,
An stalk ma passin ankles, cheyse me all about e hoose.


Tin hat on eccentricity is fan ah start till sing,
She paws ma mam across e mouth, wur wee, ill-tricked thing,
Kens mam canna thole at an shell open ootside door,
Release hur fey hur agony fan loogies get too sore.


We widna want till pert wi hur, ahd miss hur for a start,
For haddin on ma blankids, for she slumbers on ma cart,
Shes mistress o wur fine domain, wur at hur beck an call,
Boot widna swap hur for e world, wur mad, wee, whiskered pal.  


Learning Resources




Read the poem and listen to the audio file.

If there are unfamiliar words, try to work out what they mean according to their context, or look them up using a Scots dictionary you can use an online Scots dictionary at


  1. Make a list of Cheeko's characteristics. What makes her endearing and worth keeping as a pet? What might convince you to get rid of her?
  2. Would you keep or get rid of Cheeko? Why?




Write a poem, in Scots, about a family pet that you own or that someone you know owns.