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Parliamentary Motions 2004

Motion S2M-02083: Brian Adam, Aberdeen North, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 29/11/2004

Gaelic and Scots Translations of the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe

That the Parliament notes that Article IV-448, paragraph 2, of the treaty establishing a constitution for Europe allows EU member states to translate the treaty into any of the languages of that Member State and that a certified copy of any such translation may thereafter be deposited in the archives of the European Council; further notes the commitments made to Scotland’s languages in the manifestos of the various political parties and in the Scottish Executive’s cultural strategy, as well as in the working practices of the Parliament; considers that the translation of the treaty into the Gaelic and Scots languages would be a symbolically important means of demonstrating a continued commitment to the long-term future of these important elements of Scottish culture; considers that any such translations should be made available prior to the proposed referendum on the treaty in order to allow voters to refer to the treaty in their chosen language, and accordingly calls on the Executive to make representations to Her Majesty’s Government with a view to having the translations completed.


Motion S2M-01153: Donald Gorrie, Central Scotland, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Date Lodged: 05/04/2004

Support for the Scots Language

That the Parliament urges the Scottish Executive to set up a board to promote the use and study of the Scots language similar to the Ulster-Scots Agency, set up under the Good Friday Agreement, which advises ministers and co-ordinates activities relating to the promotion of Ulster-Scots as a living language and to respond to international criticism such as “That Scots language in Scotland is very clearly under-funded, under-researched, under-maintained compared to Gaelic, Irish or Ulster Scots” by providing greater support for the Scots language.


Motion S2M-01115: Rob Gibson, Highlands and Islands, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 29/03/2004

Promoting Regional and Minority Languages of Scotland

That the Parliament welcomes the deliberations of the Shetland dialect conference held recently in Scalloway; notes the bearing on these deliberations of recommendations under the current review of the obligations of the Scottish Executive to meet its pledge to promote Scots under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages; further notes that this must include creating conditions for the use of Scots in public life, through the adoption of a language policy and concrete measures, in co-operation with the speakers of the language, and considers that Scottish Ministers and the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body should make a commitment to a thorough and explicit adherence to the spirit and letter of this review.


Motion S2M-00789: Colin Fox, Lothians, Scottish Socialist Party, Date Lodged: 14/01/2004

Scots Poet Laureate as National Burns Tribute

That the Parliament recognises that in Robert Burns, Scotland gave the world one of its finest poets and that his attraction to people the world over is in part due to the humanitarian values his work espoused; believes that it is time to consider a fitting national tribute, and considers therefore that a position of Scots Poet Laureate, elected each January, should be established to produce verses in the modern Scots tongue true to Burns’ egalitarian beliefs to honour his enormous contribution to Scottish life.