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Shetland songs - Evergreen.

EvergreenMaria Barclay Millar has produced a CD of Shetland songs all sung in the Shetland dialect, 'Evergreen, Dialect Sangs for Schools'. As a singing teacher, Maria felt there was a need for audio versions of Shetland songs. She was able to test this resource in the classroom and noted: ' The project has been met with so much enthusiasm from pupils, teachers and parents'. 

The songs are all suitable for Primary children to sing along to. Some are traditional, others are new, all are an effective way of introducing or reinforcing Shetland words. The CD which contains a pack of lyrics, worksheets and glossary, also works well alongside existing resources such as the Gearbox CD. 

Further details are available from Maria at
Maria has kindly allowed us to broadcast one of the tracks from this CD. Listen here to 'Skerry Song', a song containing references to various seabirds. The words are by Harry Kay and the music by Ronnie Matthewson. Maria sings the song herself and is accompanied by Eddie Barclay.

Skerry Song

A'll rowe mesel in til a skerry,
Wey under yun star;
A'll rowe mesel in til a skerry, Far fae but-an-ben war.
Dere A'll hae moments o plaesir,
Every birds fedder mu pride;
Dere A'll hae loks at A'll traesir Safe ida lap o da tide

Skerry, my joy ida mornin
Shalders flytin at me!
Canna help tinkin dey're scornin
Dis kind at dunna flee.
Laek wir Andereena an Meggie
Der hunders an thoosans laek dem;
Dey flyte fae da sun's ower da stiggie
Til da maas aa geng hame

A'll rowe mesel in til a skerry,
Wey doon ida sea.
A'll rowe mesel in til a skerry,
An lonesome A'll no be.
Wi da shalder, da scarf an da scorie,
Freendly, aye freendly wi me.
Oh, my Tammie Norie!
Wha could be lonlie wi dee?

  • Skerry Song