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Yokie Tonsils by Lilian Ross

Lilian Ross, described as tradition bearer and tutor, has been collecting, singing, and passing on rhymes and songs in the Scots language for many years. When working in schools she was often asked whether she could leave any written copies of her work for the children and teachers to use and her stock answer was Aye, Ill leave ye mheid. Now, however, Lilian has produced a collection of rhymes and songs called A puckle a sangs an rhymes for bairns: Yokie Tonsils. The book is divided into three sections called Wee Tooties (age 3-7), The Bairns (age 7-9), and Loons an Quines (age 9-13). Each section is accompanied by childrens drawings, photographs and musical notation and there is also a CD. The rhymes and songs provide a good cross section of subjects for the teacher to cover. The book and CD cost 20 (plus 2.50 p&p) and may be ordered directly from Lilian Ross at

Further information about Lilian is available on her website.