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Scots HooseScots Hoose is a website for teachers and for children learning Scots language. Pages on the site include a history of Scots language, several lists of words, a picture dictionary and links to videos about the BBC Scots Schuil project. There are lots of downloadable documents and some audio clips to hear Scots spoken. There are teaching suggestions to help get children writing in Scots or classroom activities which encourage everyone to use Scots words. Across the site there are poems, stories, songs, and even a space for children to add their own work.

Scots in schools, a subsite of Scots Hoose, has literature written in Scots for learners aged 3-18, including:

  • Yum - a story by Susi Briggs for pre-school children, with an associated YouTube video so learners can see and hear Susi read the story aloud;
  • Bad Broonie - a graphic novel written by Thomas Clark; and
  • HOAST by Shane Strachan, about a teenager stuck at home with his grandmother,