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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

The origins of the Scots language - (Scots)

An introduction to the tongues, peoples and events that shaped the earliest history of the Scots language. 

Please note, the Scots subtitles are listed as "Esperanto", as YouTube does not currently provide Scots as a language option.

Production/Animation: Laura Bowles

Script: The FITS team (Rhona Alcorn, Vasilis Karaiskos, Joanna Kopaczyk, Bettelou Los, Warren Maguire, Benjamin Molineaux)

Voiceovers: Rhona Alcorn (Scottish English) and Hamish MacDonald (Scots)

Scots Translation: Derrick McClure

Music: “Pentland Hills” by James Oswald (in arrangements by Alistair Hardie and David Johnson) performed by Alistair Hardie.