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Jessie the Jumbo

10th April 2014

Award-winning North East writer, singer, musician and poet Sheena Blackhall, who is noted for her considerable output in the Scots language (whether in North East Doric, or Scots generally) has now produced a wonderful collection of new tales in the language. Some time ago Frieda Morrison at BBC Radio Scotland commissioned and produced a series of childrens tales in English called Nickety Nackety which proved very popular. Since then Sheena Blackhall has taken 27 of the stories and reset them into Scots under the title Jessie the Jumbo And other Bairn Tales in Scots which describes a variety of animals in the language. The book may be enjoyed by human beings of all ages, from pre-school to grandparents, and not only that, will be available for free! Jessie the Jumbo will soon be featured on Scots Language Radio so watch this space for more information.