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Sara Thomas

Pairt o the Scots Warks project.

Wikimedia UK is pleased to have had the opportunity to work in partnership with the Scots Language Centre.  In 2020/21, we worked with a group of writers at the SLC to provide language support at Wikipedia editing events to those editing the Scots Wikipedia.  

And if you’re reading this, and the only thing you’ve heard about Scots Wiki is that it had a wee problem or two back in 2020, then please keep on reading. 

I’m the Scotland Programme Coordinator at Wikimedia UK, and I’d like to invite you to join the community over at who volunteer their time and effort to build the Scots Wikipedia.  There are over 300 different language Wikis, of which Scots is one, and like all other Wikimedia Projects, it is entirely volunteer-run.  One of the biggest challenges that faces smaller Wikis like Scots is the number of people who actively edit it.  At the time of writing, there are between 20-30 active editors on the Wiki, and there are just over 40,000 articles.  There are lots of gaps that need filling, lots of articles that need expanding, and a friendly community who would love to see you.   

If you’re familiar with English Wikipedia, then Scots wiki might look a little bit different to you - some articles might be shorter, and there are fewer of them.  But the premise is exactly the same - let’s make knowledge available for free to anyone in the world who wants to access it.  Let’s make that knowledge available in Scots. 

If you’d like to learn to edit, then I recommend that you head over to Commonty Yett where there’s some info to get you started.  You can create an account here.  Take a look at the Mercat Cross, see what’s going on.  

If you have any questions about editing, or would like some help to get started, then you can email me at  You can also join the Wikimedia UK Scotwiki mailing list, where we post Wiki-related news and events relating to Scotland, across all the Wikimedia Projects.  

Hope to see you on-wiki! 

Dr Sara Thomas
Wikimedia UK