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Susi Briggs

Pairt o the Scots Warks project.

Why is literacy low amongst Scots speakers?

Well, I think why literacy is low amang Scots speakers is doon tae the fact that we are no taught it formally in school. The only thing that is taught formally in school for reading and writing is English. Tae paraphrase Michael Dempster’s Ted Talk ye grow up tae the age o aboot five an ye get tae ken that this is yer een, yer mooth, yer neb, yer lugs, yer oxters, yer fingers and then ye gan tae schuil and ye get told that’s yer eyes, yer nose, yer mouth, yer ears and so on. They tell ye the proper words and by using the word proper it kind of dings doon how ye feel about yer ain language and ye think, well what is that that I am speakin at hame then?

Susi, in collaboration wi Kirsty Crommie, haes brocht thegither a selection o bairns an young adult titles here:

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