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Scots Language Resources by Giglets Education

giglets 3 Giglets, who are a Kilmarnock-based company providing Literacy and Reading resources for schools, have a number of Scots Language resources available.

The resources, which are all online, range from Scots abridged adaptations of ‘A Legend o Knockmany’ and ‘Patie Pan’ for younger learners; to Scots abridged adaptations of ‘Dracula’, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘The Legend o Sleepery Howe’ for older learners. Moreover, there are two illustrated books in Doric for younger learners.

There is also an abridged adaptation of ‘The Broonie o the Black Haggs’ by James Hogg, suitable for learners at CfE level 3.  Some texts may also be suitable for learners studying the SQA Scots Language Award.

All of the digitised books contain short animations and/or illustrations, many have theme music, and some have associated learning tasks which address benchmarks for CfE by exploring features such as character, language, setting and atmosphere.

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