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Jane Eyre translated into North East Scots

24th July 2018

Jean Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s famous nineteenth century novel ‘Jane Eyre’ has been translated intoNorth East Scots.


Sheena Blackhall and Sheila Templeton have translated the much-loved novel, which explores the emotions and tribulations of the eponymous character throughout her childhood and into early womanhood. An excerpt is below:





“Nae sicht sae waesome as thon o a coorse bairn,” quo he, “speecially a coorse wee quine. Dae ye ken far the unca coorse gae efter daith?”

“They gyang tae hell,” wis ma faist an orthodox repon.

“An fit is hell? Can ye tell me thon?”

“A pit stappit wi flames.”

“An wid ye like tae faa intae thon pit, an tae be birssled thonner foraye?”

“Na, sir.”

“Fit maun ye dae tae avyde it?”

I thocht a meenit; ma repon, fin it did cam, misfittit him: “I maun keep in gweed health, an nae dee.”

‘Jean Eyre’ is published by Evertype and is available to buy here.