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Richts o the bairn

UNRC Richts Bairn The Scots Language Centre's Language and Information Officer, Dauvit Horsbroch, has translated the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child Simplified Articles into Scots.

This resource, available below and downloadable in pdf format, supports children in young people in their awareness of their rights. 


Airticle 1
Awbody unner the age o 18 haes aw the richts in this convention.

Airticle 2

The Convention is habile til awbody whitever thair race, releegion, can, whitever thay think or say, whitever kind o faimly thay belang tae.

Airticle 3
Aw organisations that taks tae dae wi bairns shuid wirk taewards whit is best for ilk bairn.

Airticle 4
Governments shuid see that thir richts is open tae bairns.

Airticle 5
Governments shuid lippen on the richt o faimlies tae airt thair bairns a wicelike mainer sae that, as thay grow up, thay learn tae use thair richts the richt gait.

Airticle 6
Bairns haes the richt tae leeve a full life. Governments shuid mak shair that bairns can win ower an grow braw an weel.

Airticle 7
Bairns haes the richt til a name an nationality that’s inrowed unner the law. Forby, bairns haes the richt tae ken thair parents an, as faur as possible, tae be cared for bi them.

Airticle 8
Governments shuid respect a bairn’s richt til a name, a nationality an faimly kinship.

Airticle 9
Bairns shuidna be sindert fae thair parents but it’s for thair ain guid, sae, for an instance, gin a parent ill-treats or misguides a bairn. Bairns that’s parents daesna adhere ony mair haes the richt tae hing tae wi baith parents, unless this micht dae the bairn skaith.

Airticle 10
Faimlies that bides in different kintras shuid be alloued tae flit atween thae kintras sae that parents an bairns can hing tae, or get back thegither as a faimly.

Airticle 11
Governments shuid dae whit thay can tae see that bairns isna liftit oot thair ain kintra unlawfae like.

Airticle 12
Bairns haes the richt tae say whit thay think shuid happen whan the adults is makkin deceesions that haes an eftercome on bairns, an tae hae thair opeenions coontit forby.

Airticle 13
Bairns haes the richt tae get an share information, as lang as the information skaithsna thaim or ithers.

Airticle 14
Bairns haes the richt tae think an trew whit thay want an tae practise thair releegion, as lang as thay arena keepin ither fowk fae haein thair richts. Parents shuid airt bairns anent thir maiters.

Airticle 15
Bairns haes the richt tae forgaither wi ither bairns an younkers an tae jyne groups an organisations, as lang as this daesna keep ither fowk fae haein thair richts.

Airticle 16
Bairns haes the richt tae privacy. The law shuid gie them beild fae thaim that wad ding doun thair wey o life, thair guid name, thair faimly an thair hame.

Airticle 17
Bairns haes the richt tae information fae the media thay can lippen on. The hail reenge o media sic as televeesion, radio an newspapers shuid plenish bairns wi information thay can unnerstaun an shuidna spreid materials that cuid dae bairns skaith.

Airticle 18
Baith parents shares the burden for rearin up thair bairns an shuid aye conseeder whit is best for ilk bairn. Governments shuid gie parents a haun wi plenishin services that gies uphaud, in parteeclar whaur baith parents wirks.

Airticle 19
Governments shuid mak shair that bairns is cared for the richt gait, an gie them beild fae violent acts, abuse an want at the hauns o thair parents, or onybody ither that looks efter them.

Airticle 20
Bairns that canna be lookit efter wi thair ain family maun be lookit efter the richt gait wi fowk that respects thair releegion, culture an leid.

Airticle 21
Whan bairns is adoptit the first concern maun be whit is best for them. The same rules shuid be habile whither bairns is adoptit in the kintra o thair birth of whither thay are taen tae bide in anither kintra.

Airticle 22
Bairns that’s haed tae flee ane kintra an comes ben anither shuid hae the same richts as bairns that’s born in the kintra thay come ben.

Airticle 23
Bairns that’s no-cannin ony wey shuid get care an uphaud by the ordnar for tae leeve a full an free life.

Airticle 24
Bairns haes the richt til a guid quality o health care, clean watter, halesome food, an a clean natural-surroonds sae that thay will haud healthy. Richer kintras shuid gie poorer anes a haun tae win at sic staundarts.

Airticle 25
Bairns that’s unner the care o a cooncil authority raither nor thair parents shuid hae a body lookin tae thair situation regular like.

Airticle 26
The Government shuid plenish mair siller tae the bairns o faimlies in need.

Airticle 27
Bairns haes the richt til a staundart o leeving that is fittin tae thair physical an mental wants. The government shuid gie faimlies a haun that canna afford tae dae this.

Airticle 28
Bairns haes the richt til an education. Discipleen in scuils shuid respect bairns’ human dignity. Wee scuil education shuid be free. Weel-daein kintras shuid gie poorer kintras a haun tae win at this.

Airticle 29
Education shuid fesh-on ilk bairn’s personality an skeels tae the full. It shuid gie bairns the speerit tae respect thair parents, thair cultures an ither cultures.

Airticle 30
Bairns haes the richt tae learn an use the leid an customs o thair faimlies, whither or no thir leids or customs is shared wi the feck o fowk in the kintra whaur thay bide, as lang as this skaithsna ithers.

Airticle 31
Bairns haes the richt tae relax, play an tae tak thair ease in aw kin kind o daffery.

Airticle 32
Governments shuid gie bairns beild fae wark that is mischancie or that micht hairm thair health or education.

Airticle 33
Governments shuid plenish weys for giein bairns beild fae mischancie drugs.

Airticle 34
Governments shuid gie bairns beild agin sexual abuse.

Airticle 35
Governments shuid mak shair that bairns isna kidnappit or sellt.

Airticle 36
Bairns shuid be gien beild fae ony haunling that cuid hairm thair natural growth.

Airticle 37
Bairns that breks the law shuidna be treatit cruel like. Thay shuidna be gien the jyle alang wi adults an shuid can get tae see thair faimly.

Airticle 38
Governments shuidna allou bairns unner the age o 15 tae jyne the airmy. Bairns that’s in fields o weir shuid get beild by the ordnar.

Airticle 39
Bairns that’s been misguidit or abused shuid get help by the ordnar for tae restore thair self-respect.

Airticle 40
Bairns that’s wytit wi brekin the law shuid get help unner the law. Jyle sentences for bairns shuid be used for the maist serious offences jist.

Airticle 41
Gin the laws o a parteeclar kintra gies bairns better beild nor the airticles o the Convention, syne thae laws shuid owergae the Convention anes.

Airticle 42
Governments shuid lat aw parents an bairns ken aboot the Convention.