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New Scots book for bairns: Neeps and Tatties

Neeps_Tatties_cover One of Scotland’s leading equality charities has joined forces with the Scots Language Centre to help young people build bridges higher than walls.


Nil by Mouth this week launches ‘Neeps and Tatties’, a Scots book for use in primary schools across Scotland in the lead up to Burns Night on the 25th January.


Written by Edinburgh based author Carey Morning and illustrated by Anna York, ‘Neeps and Tatties’ tells the story of two warring vegetable tribes who are finally encouraged to put the past behind them in the interests of a better future. The book, aimed at primary school pupils, deals with issues like discrimination and prejudice, highlighting how old grievance can be overcome by a new generation seeking tolerance and change.


Copies are being donated to more than 200 schools across Scotland with the charity highlighting Burns Night as the perfect opportunity for teachers’, parents and pupils to share the story together and talk about the issues it raises. Given the current lockdown restrictions, the Scots Language Centre will place a free downloadable copy of the book on its website to maximise the opportunity for people to enjoy this delightful new book with a very powerful message. The team behind the book hope it will not just encourage children to think about overcoming division but also give them a greater appreciation and understanding of Scots with a glossary being provided for those new to some of the words used.


Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott said:


There has been a huge surge of interest in Scots in the last few years and when Carey offered us her work, we felt there was a real opportunity to tell a powerful story in this rich and beautiful language. So much of our work deals with how language and words can be used to hurt or belittle others from a different background. That’s why it's brilliant to be able to celebrate language and the many different ways we have to express ourselves. We are keen to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the wonderful words and illustrations. That is why we are delighted that the Scots Language Centre has agreed to provide the book online free of charge during January, this is a massive help with getting our message out whilst at the same time promoting the language to speakers old and new.


Laura Green, Education Specialist at the Scots Language Centre said: 

This is a braw buik fir helpin weans lairn some new Scots vocabulary, an hae a think aboot tolerance. Makin this available fae the Scots Language Centre website will mak shair that teachers can share this wi their lairners via remote lairnin, an the glossary at the end will be helpfu in makin sure the weans ken whit the words mean.

To download a copy of the pdf, click here (Glow login required) or scan the QR code with your phone or tablet. The 'optimized' version of the pdf, suitable for web viewing but less suitable for printing, is also directly downloadable below. 

Teacher Kim Glover created a 'Reading Task map' to accompany the book, available in pdf format below.