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Biggin a strang future for Gaelic an Scots

23rd August 2022


Langage consultation Launchit. 

A commitment for tae mak siccar the lang term growth o Gaelic an Scots is at the hairt o a new public consultation launchit the day.

The consultation is efter thochts on whit wey for tae heeze the profile o Scots, a new stratigic tak on Gaelic medium education (GME), an the foondin o a new Gàidhealtachd, airts an pairts whaur there a guid percent o Gaelic spikkers. Hit taks in tae the makkins an wirkins o the Bòrd Na Gàidhlig - the heidmaist public group heezin up the Gaelic athin Scotland.

The 2011 census shawit thit 57,275 bodies spiks Gaelic an thit 87,100 pit thit they haed a drap Gaelic, an ower 1.5 million fowk considerit theirsels Scots spikkers.

This feedback wull help in the makkin o the forecomin Scottish Langages Bill.

Stertin aff the consultation durin a visit tae the GME unit at Goodlyburn Primary in Perth, Education Secretar Shirley-Anne Somerville sayed:

"Gaelic an Scots are significant pairts o Scotland's culture an we're wantin for tae mak siccar thit they floorish an grow.

"The situation for Gaelic spikkers the noo is faur better nor ten year syne gien there mair fowk in Gaelic medium education an there mair inititives been pitten in place for tae support Gaelic in Scotland.

"We're needin noo for tae bigg on whit is in place an this consultation wull shaw us whit weys we kin mak oor misures mair effective, makkin siccar Gaelic medium education keeps growin an gies the tapmaist quality education, thit the Bòrd Na Gàidhlig is wirkin effective in the heezin o Gaelic, an thit thocht is gien tae the makkin o a Gàidhealtachd.

"Scots is spoke athort aw o Scotland, but haesna benefittit fae formal support throu legislation, an hit micht be timeous for tae consider this for tae help promote, strenthen, an heeze up the profile o the leid."


The consultation wull rin throu tae the 17t o Novemmer.

Traditionally the Gàidhealtachd haes been a term uisit for the Heilans an Islands o Scotland. Hou an iver, there a growth o Gaelic spikkin communities athort the central belt an this consultation is wantin for tae splore whit relevance the term Gàidhealtachd haes for policy application an whit misures gaun forret are wantit tae be uisit for backin up an heezin the Gaelic leid.

The link tae fin the Consultation is :

The Consultation is available in Scots, Gaelic, an Inglis: