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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Scots language in the 2022 Census

3rd March 2022

The Scots Language Centre Launches to support Scottish citizens answering Scotland's Census 2022's Scots Language questions

March 20th 2022 is Scotland's Census day.  You can complete your Scotland's Census 2022 online immediately you receive your letter through the post.  More information on logging in can be found at

A question about our Scots skills was first asked in Scotland's Census 2011 and we are being asked again in 2022.  Some people may be unsure how to answer this question about our language, so The Scots Language Centre with assistance from Scotland's Census and the Scottish Government has produced a website to help you decide whether you can Understand Scots, Speak Scots, Read Scots, Write Scots, an to help you decide if Scots is your main language.

Visit to find a wealth of examples of spoken and written Scots from the diverse dialects and voices of Scots from all around Scotland.