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Scots Awairds 2024


Scots Awairds 2024

4th July 2024

The Awairds tae the Scots Leid haes returnt, an will this year be held in Cumnock Toun Chaumers, Ayrshire, on Seturday 14 September 2024. The Awairds, first stertit in 2019, awns thae kenspeckle fowk makkin an wirkin in aboot the Scots-speaking community, an the fact o its uiss in oor life day an daily. Taylor Dyson an Shane Strachan will baith host on the nicht, alang wi music an sang fae airtists hameaboot. Ony body can pit forrit the name o anither thay wad like tae see weel-quotit, an this can be done atween 22 Jooly an 4 August. Syne the’ll be a vote anent thaim nominate atween 26 August an 8 September. For tae pit forrit a name for the awairds please clap yer device here an speir bi gait o Hands Up for Trad.

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