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Forum tae gaither in Belfast


Forum tae gaither in Belfast

27th June 2024

The Forum for Speirings anent the Leids o Scotland an Ulster is awa tae haud its confeerence this year fae 28ct tae the 30t November 2024, in Belfast, bi gait o the Versity o Ulster. This will be the first year fae 2018 that the confeerence haes been held face tae face, but the micht be an online session forby for tae gie as mony fowk ingait as possible. The subject ower aw for this year will be “Communities, activists, champions” but papers anent ither subjects wil aye be walcome. Wi this in mind, Professor Joanna Kopaczyk, the convener o the Forum, haes noo pit oot the caw for papers. Aw abbreviates o papers, nae mair nor 300 words (in doc or PDF file), shuid be sent tae bi the deidline o 22 Jooly 2024. Papers shuid be 20 meenits lang, wi 10 meenits for ony questions efter. Fowk wi papers acceptit will be tellt bi 31 August, while a second caw, alang wi the parteeclars for inrowment, will be postit throu Jooly. Mind an please lat the confeerence ken whither ye wad hae an intress in giein yer paper online. Please speir at Professor Kopaczyk for mair general wittins anent the confeerence.

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