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Dumfaurlin in fernyears


Dumfaurlin in fernyears

6th June 2024

A new buik anent Dumfaurlin isna lang aff the press. Wrutten bi Colin Maxwell, an cryed The Dunfermline Story, it is set oot in cairtoon or comic style wi eemages wrocht bi 30 or mair sindry airtists. An it haes Scots intil’t. The wark tells us aboot Dumfaurlin in fernyears an aw thae fowk that haed a haun in the makkin o the toun, whither hameaboot or kenspeckle national feegurs. Please speir at Maximized Comics at for mair wittins, or for tae coff a dooble.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots abuin.