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Scots Leid Associe Collogue 2024


Scots Leid Associe Collogue 2024

3rd June 2024

The Scots Leid Associe is haudin its yearly collogue in the Sandeman chaumer at the AK Bell Leebrar, York Place, Perth, on Seturday 8ct Juin 2024. This year the collogue is biggit aroond the subject o the Scots leid in education. Efter a walcome fae the preses, Rab Wilson, the’ll be papers gien bi Bruce Eunson, Co-airtar for the Scots leid in the scuils, anent the split-new coorse on Scots for teachers bi gait o the Open Versity. This will be follaed wi a paper fae Laura Green, Education Officer at the Centre for the Scots Leid, anent ‘Scots in the Early Years Curriculum’. Afore denner time the’ll be walings fae the Sangschaw compeeetion, an syne, the winners o the Hugh MacDairmid an Robert MacLellan tassies. Efter denner, the ‘ll be papers fae Dr Jamie Fairbairn, Heid o Humanities at Banff Academy, anent ‘Scots Scweel an Community’, follaed bi the hinmaist paper, fae Alan Riach, Professor in the Leetratur o Scotland at the Versity o Glesca, anent ‘Scots in Tertiary Education’. The yearly general gaithering an report bi the Associe, alang wi ony questions, will be held at ten past fower an will skail for 5pm. A body can either buik a place bi clappin devices at or can aye come alang on the day. Awbody is welcome.

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