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Nicht o Poyums


Nicht o Poyums

8th February 2024

Poyet Len Pennie will be the leader-aff for a nicht o poyems an airtistry alang wi guest poyets Shane Strachan, Nasim Rebecca Asl an Gray Crosbie. Grundit on the wark o Pennie, that’s no lang set furth her first gaithery, cryed Poyums, the airtists will be makkin poyems in baith the Scots an Soothron leids. Poyums: a poetry extravaganza will be held at the Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, Embra, fae 7pm until 8.30pm. Pennie’s buik can be coft bi gait o the Lighthouse buikshop, in Embra (, but please clap yer device here for tae speir oot mair anent prices o tickets or tae hae seats set by.  

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