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Caal Cries

16th November 2023

The’r a new buik o poyems no lang oot bi screivar Alistair Lawrie that will hae a parteeclar intress for thaim wi a North East backgrund. Lawrie, a loun sprung oot o Peterheid, made his hame in Steenhive syne, an for his cawing wis lang a teacher. This, his first gaithery o poyems, cryed Caal Cries, haed its ootset at the Wigtoun Buik Fest back in September 2023 an haes intil’t poyems in baith North East Scots (Doric) an in Soothron. He wis the winner o the Weelum Soutar prize in 2016 an the McLellan Scots Poyetry prize this year.

Caal Cries will hae anither ootset hameaboot, in the leebrar at Steenhive, at 2pm on Seturday 18t November 2023, as pairt o the Buik Week for Scotland, an syne, Alistair will be at the Airts Centre café baur, 33 King Street, Aiberdeen, on Tuesday 28ct November at 7pm. While in Aiberdeen, Alistair will be jyned bi Hugh McMillan, Julie McNeill an Jo Gilbert for tae gie walings fae thair warks forby.

For mair anent the buik, please speir at Drunk Muse Press.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.