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Lallans Yule Gifts

9th November 2023

Wi Yule no that faur awa, a body micht be raikin for twa-three gifts in Scots for tae gie tae kith an kin an thay micht no look ony forder nor the Scots Leid Associe, kent in Soothron as the Scots Language Society. Foondit back in 1972, the Associe haes been settin furth the ae journal in the warld dedicate tae the Scots leid. Thon journal is, in coorse, cryed Lallans. Gin ye clap yer device on the Furthsettins sheed o the associe wabsteid – at – ye’ll can find maist o the auld volumes o Lallans can noo be coft online throu Paypal an mibby mak jist the gift ye’r efter. Alang wi Lallans a body micht want tae tak a swatch o Scotsoun forby, on the same wabsteid, whaur ye’ll find mony soond recordings o clessic texts, an sindry subjects, throu the Scots leid that cuid fill up a Yule stocking.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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