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Scuils Confeerence

18th September 2023

The Associe for the Leetratur o Scotland (Association for Scottish Literature) is awa tae haud an ae day scuils confeerence in Glesca offerein CPD in sindry brainches o langage an leetratur anent poyetry, film-makkin, novels, an screivings, in baith the Scots an Soothron leids. The ettles is tae gie uphaud tae teachers that’s yet in hauns wi training, alang wi forder advice anent thir subjects for ither teachers lookin thon gait.

The confeerence will be held on Seturday 7 October 2023, stertin at 10am in the Jeems Watt Sooth Bigging, Engineering Wey, at the Versity o Glesca, an will skail at 4pm.  Ingait is free. For mair wittins anent this please speir at Duncan Jones bi gait o email or gie the depairtment o Scots Leetratur a phone on 0141 330 5309.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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