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Publict Speir oot


Publict Speir oot

8th June 2023

The Scots Government’s publict speir anent a bill for the leids o Scotland, that wis held fernyear, haes noo been set furth on its wabsteid. It haes intil’t mony opeenions aff fowk fae sindry social an political backgrunds that we doot will hae an intress for thaim that belangs this community.

Scots wis awned as a leid bi the UK whan the UK ratified the European Chairter for Sma or Regional Leids, on behauf o Scots, unner Pairt II stauning in 2001. Mony o the fowk that took pairt in the publict speir haes threapit that this stauning shuid noo be heized an taen forrit throu law-makkin bi the Scots pairlament.

Amang the heid pynts tae win oot the speir, wis the threap that Scots speakers shuid hae the self an same richts that Gaelic speakers noo haes unner the law, an that the shuid be a jynt buird tae airt policy for the wheen o Scots organisations, that wad hae a haun in pittin oot a staundart Scots for uiss in the scuils an offeecial gaits.

On the subject o a bill anent the leids o Scotland, Dr Michael Dempster, Director o the Centre for the Scots Leid, said “We luik forret tae the draftin an passage o the Scottish Languages Bill an tae contributin tae the conversations as it maks its wey throu the Scottish Pairliament. Oor languages belang in oor futures, this is anither braw step taewart ensurin this."

For tae tak a swatch o the report, please clap yer device here  -  whaur ye’ll can read the sindry heids anent baith the Gaelic an Scots leids.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.