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Trident Tirrans by Dauvit Horsbroch

Dauvit Horsbroch has lived mostly in North East Scotland, with family connections all over Scotland. He has been writing for many years, using both central Scots and North east (Doric). He has been President and Secretary of the Scots Language Society. He is interested in writing on Scottish historical and political themes, Trident Tirrans being a fine example of this. 

Carefully written in seven stanzas of seven lines each, the poem spells out the extravagance, waste and offensiveness which for so many of us characterise the nuclear submarine industry around our coasts.
It is encouraging to read a good, strong poem against Trident in these uncertain times.

Trident Tirrans 

Twa billion ilka fleikin year
for Lunnon subs on Clyde
hoo lang tae thole thair Trident
we aye speir 
sleekit Brits that bides
in airmit steids an strengths
pure unwantit here

Twa billion income raikin dear
tae chakkar kists doun by
hoo lang tae thole theft patent
we aye speir
sleekit Brits that spys
oot pykit camps an castles
thair nories unco queer

Twa billion siller liftin clear
for deidly nukes that fyles
hoo lang tae thole the praisent
we aye speir
sleekit Brits that spyles
fae yirdit dens an dunnies
tae lowse the Yankies weir

Twa billion taen fae stentin geir
while ootlins creeps oor kyles
hoo lang tae thole thaim braisent
we aye speir
sleekit Brits that syles
aff clartit subs an shores
atomic guff blaws near

Twa billion sornin public fear
sic myths we shuidna buy
hoo lang tae thole unwaukent
we aye speir
sleekit Brits that lys
at gairdit hines an hairbors
oor een thay try tae bleer

Twa billion oot o pauchlin here
as Soothrons easy sleeps 
hoo lang tae thole us poushent
we aye speir
sleekit brits that keeps
oor frichtit bairns an billies
an Fawslane neebors sweir

Twa billion fae us wirkin teir
for bams tae strunt thair pride
hoo lang tae thole thair hatrent
we aye spear
sleekit Brits that hides
in dernit beilds an bunkers
an aye wi nations steer