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Musick Art and Dance by Magi McGlynn

Another poem on the theme of hopes for Scotland. Magi McGlynn, bard of the Braes of Balquhidder, is a well kent face throughout Scotland, and certainly one of our most active poets. He is also a musician and his performances of music and poetry are increasingly appearing on youtube. Musick Art and Dance is one of his favourite poems although it has never previously been in print. Magi is very much part of the oral tradition, being descended from the Williamsons and the Stewarts. This poem well expresses his heartfelt belief in the future of our country

Musick Art an Dance

Revolutioun is ragin at this minnit in time.
The weapons ir Musick Art an Dance
Musick art an dance spell MAD
In Scotland, we're aw MAD
Thir'll be nae casualties, mental nir physical
fae this non violent revelaytioun.

The definnit ootcome wull be
perched watchin waitin fir the breeze
tae pick me up in gentil flicht
ma glide across expansiv seas
this luely warm an moonlit nicht

whaur people's onlie need fir gold
gaes back tae warlds o yung, no auld,
tae watch reflectioun i the sun
in a clene new Warlt which is begun,
nae greed, nae want fir personal gayn
there is onlie luve which has nae payn.

Freedom is truth: stye free!
Scotland an its people.
Hope moves silently,
a braw companioun fir tae hae.

Magi McGlynn