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Scottish Government's Consultation on Gaelic and Scots

The Scottish Government is carrying out a public consultation in advance of a Scottish Languages Bill. The Consultation asks about how best to support the Scots language, this is the Scots Language Centre's response.  We would encourage readers in Scotland to respond to the consultation with their own thoughts on the work that has been done to support Scots and what more can be done in the future.

The Scots Language Centre's response to the Scottish Government's Consultation on Gaelic and Scots an Scottish Languages Bill 2022

The first 10 questions of the consultation pertain to the Gaelic language within Scotland.  The Scots Language Centre fully supports the Gaelic speaking community in its self-determination of how best to support its language, as we do for the speakers and signers of all autochthonous languages of Scotland including: Scottish Cant, or Scots-Romani, Beurla Reagaird, BLS, and Scottish Standard English.  All of which should be protected and held in equal regard.

Answers to questions relating to the Scots Language;

Question 11

Question 12

Question 13