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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid


Scots is one of Scotland’s indigenous languages, along with English and Gaelic.

Many people recognise that using Scots, by exploring books written in Scots language, or singing songs which use Scots, is a fun and engaging way to celebrate Scottish culture and promote literacy.

Children may encounter Scots as part of literacy and English, or as part of Modern languages.

In Primary school, from primary 5 onwards, children may study Scots as their ‘L3’, which means that they will study modern language (‘L2’) plus one other.

In secondary school, young people may study Scots as part of the curriculum in National 4, National 5 or Higher English, or they may work towards the SQA ‘Scots Language award’ or ‘Scottish Studies’ award.

The games are designed to be used for learners of Scots – whether the learner is a complete beginner or a Scots speaker who wishes to expand their vocabulary. A range of games and activities are offered, and the reading exercises include excerpts from newspaper articles, poetry and drama.

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