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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

This game is designed for larger screen sizes, but you can try it out if you turn your phone on its side


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Solve the Scots Crosswords

Children must read the clues and type the Scots words in the spaces.

If using a PC, children can click on the boxes and type in each letter using the keyboard. If using a tablet, children can touch the box and use the touchscreen keyboard to type in the letters.

The words in the North East Scots, Orkney Scots, Shetland Scots, Borders Scots and Galloway Scots crosswords are all from Education Scotland’s ‘100 Key words in Scots’ resource on the National Improvement Hub. This resource provides lists of key words in varieties of Scots from across the country. The answers to the crosswrds can be downloaded (below).

This activity is suitable for learners working within CfE levels 1, 2, 3 and 4; allowing learners to demonstrate their understanding of Scots vocabulary.  This may also be suitable for some learners in the Senior Phase.

Shetlandic Crossword Answers
Orkney Crossword Answers
Animals Crossword Answers
Bodypairts Crossword Answers
Borders Crossword Answers
Galloway Crossword Answers
North East Crossword Answers