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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

The Aitken papers

The Scots Language Centre publishes the Collected Works of A.J. Aitken (1921-1998) one of the leading authorities on the Scots more

Braw Brew

Scots writer Liz Niven created this resource for children as part of Dumfries and Galloway’s bi-centenary Burns celebrations. ‘A Braw Brew’ contains 24 short stories, four of which were recorread more

Scots in Photos

Word of the Week

CRUIVE n, a hut, hovel or cott

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Scots on YouTube

Scots Proverbs

Ye'r a bigger bum nor ten erse

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Scots New Testament

9 August 2015

In the recordings of the Scots Ne
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Promoting & celebrating Shetland's dialect heritage & culture read more

Scots Language Radio

Episode 21

This is an episode that will hud yir lugs richt tae the end. We begin wi plans fae the new Scots Language Scriever Hamish MacDonald, tae a new play inspire
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Scots Poetry

Abuin Them Aa by Colin Donati

Gin ae rock conjurs Scotland up for meIt isna Cairngorm quartz, sclenters, scree,Sanct Giles croon or brig-uphaudin key,Croon’s jasp, cross or ‘stane o destinie’,Nor …
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Latest News

Scots Screivar takes up post

Creative writer Hamish McDonald, a native of Clydebank, has been appointed to the two year post of Scots Screivar which is based at the National Library
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Free resources for teachers

Within Scots Language Centre website there are a many pages which teachers may find helpful when delivering lessons which include an element of Scots language. Within Watching and Listening there are

Latest Events

SpectreTown Tour Dates

BEACON ARTS CENTRE Wednesday 2nd September, 7.30pm Tickets: £10 / £8 Conc  Box Office: 01475 723723 DRUIMFIN,
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Numbers and Time

Just as the year is divided into seasons, months and days, the day is divided into hours and times. Scots, like other languages, has its own way of expressing these more

Minnie a novella by Sheena Blackhall

Sheena Blackhall’s novella Minnie is set in 1920s Aberdeenshire. It follows the story of a young girl’s passage through adolescence and her experiences of loss and recoverylread more

Peter Kinnen

The well-known Beatrix Potter story 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' has been translated into Scots by Lynne McGeachie and published by the Beatrix Potter Society as 'The Tale O Peter Kinnen' read more


HAIRST – AUTUMN The season of autumn is made up of three months – September, October and November. In the Scots language the season is called the hairst.  read more