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This month the Scots Language Centre will be talking about the Shetland dialect. In particular we will be showcasing the many resources, films and other creative projects where Shetland dialect is the …

Dis Quiet

An Introduction to Dis Quiet by Viveka Velupillai.Dis Quiet, written by Bruce Eunson, tells the story of the unpublished diaries of Jose Fernandes from Lisbon. After his death the diaries were foread more

The Tale of Maggie Wall

If you who live in Perthshire, or who have an interest in the history of witchcraft, you may have heard the name Maggie Wall read more

The Tale O Peter Kinnen

The well-known Beatrix Potter story 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' has been translated into Scots by Lynne McGeachieread more

Scots birdsong

Birdsong forms an audio backdrop to our lives, we are cheered by the sights and sounds of birds around us. read more

Robert Burns: Poems, Songs and Legacy

Celebrate the poems, songs, and legacy of Burns with this free online course from the University of Glasgowread more

Numbers and Time

Just as the year is divided into seasons, months and days, the day is divided into hours and times. Scots, like other languages, has its own way of expressing these more

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Scots Language Radio

Episode 29

An wiv been gaan aboot again.  In this edition wir at the Celtic Media Festival, held this year in Dungarvan,  Waterford, Ireland, an hear foo Scots R
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Scots Poetry

Twa squirrels by Finola Scott

A poem from Finola Scott of Glasgow, imagining squirrels gossiping about incomers. Finola writes in Scots and English often with outspoken humour. She says she …
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Promoting & celebrating Shetland's dialect heritage & culture read more

Scots Proverbs

Brunt bairns dreids the fire

learn more about this proverb

Word of the Week

Wale n., v. a choice; to choo

Ultimately derived from Old Norse
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Scots New Testament

12 June 2016

In the recordings of the Scots Ne
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Latest News

Supplements to Scots Dictionaries

The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) Supplements Project is currently managed by Scottish Language Dictionaries editor Ann Ferguson. This project involves read more

What is Scots?

Scots is one of three native languages spoken in Scotland today, the other two being English and Scottish Gaelic. Scots is spoken by old and young alike and can be heard in both cities and country areas …read more


Borders Scots

Like other areas of Scots-speaking Scotland, the dialect here has traditionally been known as Scots or Scotch. However, because this region covers the greater part of the Borders the dialect iread more

Free resources for teachers

We have a wealth of resources which teachers may find helpful when delivering lessons which include an element of Scots language.   read more


Makar Ben The Hoose

Stuart Paterson is the Scots Language Centre’s poet in virtual residence.  An Ayrshire chiel, Stuart is a poet & performer.. read more

The Aitken papers

The Scots Language Centre publishes the Collected Works of A.J. Aitken (1921-1998) one of the leading authorities on the Scots language. read more