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WARE, VOAR n spring

This word is generally held to come from Old Norse ‘var’, although there are a few Older Scots spellings such as ‘ver’ and ‘vere’ which suggest influence from identical spellings in Old Frread more

Minnie a novella by Sheena Blackhall

Sheena Blackhall’s novella Minnie is set in 1920s Aberdeenshire. It follows the story of a young girl’s passage through adolescence and her experiences of loss and recoverylread more

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Word of the Week

Annaker’s midden n. a mess,

The Scottish National Dictionary
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Scots Proverbs

The kirn's cowpit

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Scots New Testament

12 April 2015

In the recordings of the Scots Ne
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Promoting & celebrating Shetland's dialect heritage & culture read more

Scots Language Radio

Episode 16

We hiv geen intae the land o myths, magic and legend ess month – wir nae feart.We hear aboot ‘Saltire’ the new Scots Supermannie in cosm
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Scots Poetry

Visa Wedding #1 by Harry Giles

"Harry Giles is a poet and performer from Orkney, now living in Edinburgh -- but he's headed home from April till August for a four month poetry …
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Latest News

Wonder at Alice

Regular visitors to the SLC website will be aware that for the past few years we have been giving some assistance to the Alice in Wonderland project. This
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Peter Kinnen

The well-known Beatrix Potter story 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' has been translated into Scots by Lynne McGeachie and published by the Beatrix Potter Society as 'The Tale O Peter Kinnen' read more

Latest Events

In Your Own Words

Catriona Lexy Campbell and Morna Young will be hosting 'In Your Own Words' exploring writing in Scotland's native languages. Tickets £3 for entry to the Changi
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A Sad and Last Adieu: Poems for Funerals

Funerals are more difficult to arrange than weddings. Hearts are sore and only the best poetry will comfort. Poems must be chosen to match the occasion, e.g. whether the funeral is for a man or a woma read more

Scots readings for funerals

 If you are organising a funeral or memorial service you may find readings from the Lorimer New Testament in Scots to be relevant or appropriate. You can use the recordings on thi read more

Free resources for teachers

Within Scots Language Centre website there are a many pages which teachers may find helpful when delivering lessons which include an element of Scots language. Within Watching and Listening there are

Jack Aitken

The SLC merks Burns Nicht this year wi a mindin o whitna lang wey the Scots leid has cam in the last quarter century. This is forbye a preein o a important projeck that the SLC is gaun tae host, makkiread more


A Gruffalo Tour

Children are in for a special treat during March when the Gruffalo takes to the road, in both English and Scots. In a co-venture brought to you by Into Film and Education Scotland, there will bread more

The Scots calendar

Just as the year is divided into seasons, months and days, the day is divided into hours and times. Scots, like other languages, has its own way of expressing these more

Braw Brew

Short Stories in Scots for young folk, is now out of print, so the Scots Language Centre is pleased to be able to provide a small selection of stories from the colllectionread more

Rodger Lyall

Rodger Lyall has over the past few years written a number of short stories in Doric, following completion of a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Stirling University. The stories have also beread more