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Angus Shoor Caan - Riff-Raff

1st July 2019

Angus Shoor Caan is a novelist, poet, essayist and sometime spoken work artist. Born and bred to Saltcoats in the middle of the twentieth century he now resides in the lower end of Ardrossan which is handy for his daily strolls along the prom. After many years of wandering the planet he relocated to his homeland and took up the pen as a hobby, resulting in twelve published novels, many many free to read short stories as displayed on the McStorytellers site, and fifteen collections of poetry.
The poems, McLimericks in the main, have taken over his every waking thought of late so that his current novel in progress, 'Hash Browne', often finds itself vying for his attention.
The McLimericks, wee snapshots of everyday life are written phonetically to the way he speaks and form the core of his spoken word performances.  

I have met Angus only once at a poetry event I held in Glasgow some time ago, he was part of the collective Fundamental Conduit, a group that puts poetry to music in performance.  Angus stood out to me with his big grey beard and unique Scottish style, and of course, hilarious style of poetry.  I thought never to be seen again, but somewhat a unrealistic view as its a small world and circuit and by now I should know this.  Angus Shoor Caan then appeared on The Scots Language forum, regularly sharing his Scots poetry, and I couldn't resit the urge to approach him and ask if he wouldn't mind being our next Scots Feature Poet for our website.  Delighted he said yes.  He has supplied us three short pieces written in Scots.  Angus hopes you enjoy his work.  


Rur's riff-raff oan ri bus
Ru'll no' be boatherin' us
A'm aboot six three
Ma pal's jist as wee
An' ri dug wis bred fur a fuss.

Love's Labours Loast.

Rur wis a hert in ri wet saun'
Described bey sumb'dy's haun'
Rur wis letters inside
An' an arra besides
Whin ri tide came in it wis gone.

Central Station.

A luct up fur some verification
A wis et Glesga Central station
A'd been in a few baurs
An' A'd hud a few jaurs
A'm kinna fond e' a wee libation.