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The Burn an the Ben

10th December 2012

Owerset in Scots frae the Welsh poet John Ceirog Hughes (1833-87)

Burn o the Bens, slokin an pure
Birlin doon tae the glen
Fusperin sangs i’ the girse
Wad that I war as ye!

Heathery knowes in flooer
At sicht o thee langin owercams me
Tae bide on the Ben wi ye, if
Foreay mangst the win an ling.

Sma birds o the michty Ben
That soar i’ the caller air
Flichterin frae tap tae tap
Wad that I cud jyne thee!

Bairn o the Bens am I
Hyne frae hame, in the dreich deid-thraa
My hairt is ay in the glen
Wi the heather, an birdies smaa.