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Yule & Simmer

3rd December 2012

Owerset in Scots frae the Welsh poet Thomas Telynog Evans(1840-65)

Aa the blytheness o Natur
Beeriet in the mools o blaikest Yule!
The win sang a dowie lament —
Sic dule in its cauld cry keenin!
Syne the girthy Simmer daunces ben
A rowth o life in its airms
Skitterin rosie flooers sae bonnily brierin
Ower broo o knowe an glen.
In bonnie unity, the wid dons its green goun
Simmer cocks on the throne wi the ae eerin
Tae strum its clarsach, the willow
Fa’s strings hung quaet, sae wizzent wi wae in Yule
Noo, singin its ain sang —
Wheeshtie. Tak tent! Tak tent!
The warld is steerin.