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At halloween pagans believed past, present & future mergedread more

Halloween words

Scotland has a long love affair with Hallowe’en and there are many Scots words connected to the supernatural. We’ve compiled a list that will give you a flavour of just how spooky read more

Jekyll and Hyde in Scots

The second, stunning graphic novel of an RL Stevenson classic from Cam Kennedy and Alan Grant, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde read more

Da wife wi da bluid red hand

Was the young woman really dead the day she was sealed in her coffin? Mary Blance tells the story of Da wife wi da Bluid Red Hand read more


“Eh, siccan bonnie floueries!” Who visited the old woman on the night before she died and what do her last words mean. Gavin Sprott conjures up a strange, unsettling world in the farmlan read more

Alexander Goudie's Tam O Shanter

Scotland's most popular poem has been the inspiration for countless artists, writers and musicians read more

The Hitcher

A cold wet night. A car with no driver. What should a young hitcher do?James Spence's frightening story is a classic Halloween tale. read more

King James and the Werewolves

The earliest known writing about werewolves – in the Scots language – dates from 1597. No less a personage than King James VI  read more

Dookin for aipples

“Dookin for aipples” is one of the most popular Hallowe’en traditions in Scotland. In this film from 1961 youngsters in Edinburgh show how it's done. read more

Tam o'Shanter

An animation of Tam o'Shanter, one of Robert Burns' most famous poems, is available on Vimeo. Produced for the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway read more

How to make a Halloween Lantern

Want to celebrate Halloween with a traditional Scottish lantern? Follow these instructions read more