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Football Dictionary

In this section there is a Fitba Dictionar / Footbll Dictionary  comprising terms and phrases e read more

Anither Shot at the Baw

This puckle o airticles haes its oreeginal in speirings amang fitba clubs an bodies atween the years 1998 an 2001read more

Wappons an Weirs

Fitba haes a lang history in Scotland tho it wisna necessar the gemm that awbody kens the day, playe read more

Aw the Airts

Ilka district haed a yearly bawin that took place on Fastern’s Een (Shrove Tuesday) atween read more

Bonnie Fechters

Aince lang syne it wis this same gemm o fitba - rauch an sair - that wis common amang the nob read more

The Kirk Dings Doun

The Kirk o Scotland meenisters didna hae muckle time for the gemm o Fitba. The tradeetion bein tae p read more


It wisna the men alane that played fitba in thae days even tho it wis affen regairdit a man’s read more

Makkin o the Modren Gemm

Atween 1867 an 1873 competeetion atween the Scots an Inglis brocht aboot the foondin o an ass read more

Hecht an Faw

Scotland stertit efter the Muckle Weir bi follaein Ingland’s heidship in objectin tae Germa read more

A Bitter Bawin

For ower a hunner year, fitba in Scotland haes oxtert alang wi bitterness in releegion. Whan read more

Casuals, Clatter an Clink

The FAS noo recast the wey fitba wis run in Scotland an in 1975 a 10 team Foremaist League wi read more