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We're aw Jock Tamson's bairns

Scotland has a rich and diverse culture. We’ve come from aw airts an
pairts but as the saying goes we’re still ‘aw Jock Tamson’s bairns’. 
Let's celebrate Scotland on St Andrew's Day and all the people
who live here. 
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Saint Andrew - what's in a name?

Saint Andrew was the younger brother of Saint Peter, both fishermen from Galilee in the Holy Land, and followers of Jesus.  read more

Paolo Nutini A Man's A Man

Paisley born Paolo Nutini often sings Burns’ internationalist anthem, A Man’s A Man for Aa That at his concerts.  read more

Michael Marra & Saint Andrew

In 2009 Michael Marra performing as 'Saint Andrew'  released the album 'Hubris', a follow up to 'The Word on the Pavey'.  read more

Twa Corbies

Search online for the Twa Corbies and you’ll see how much of an impact this Scots ballad has had on the worlds of poetry and traditional music. Here is a Danish version of the song by Norwegian read more

Bliss the Dawin

Wullie Hershaw is an English teacher from Fife. This song was composed as part of a Mass for Saint Andrew’s Day and appeared in its text form in Lallans 59.  You can buy Wullie’s read more

Mony a Midder's Son

Fair Isle singer Lise Sinclair recorded the song Mony a Midder’s son for Shetland composition Ivver Entrancin Wis.  read more

Freedom Come All Ye

Freedom Come All Ye is Scotland’s international anthem. Listen to Irish traditional music legend Luke Kelly’s version of the song on youtube  read more

Joyce Falconer Mither Scotland

Joyce Falconer  reads her celebration of Scotland’s varied cultures read more