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Screive fae Arbroath ootset

5th June 2023

For the first time in mony year the Screive fae Arbroath – kent in Soothron as the Declaration of Arbroath – will hae publict ootset. Datit 6 Aprile 1320, the letter wis addresst bi the knabs an barons o Scotland tae Paip John XXII cawin on the haly faither tae awn that Robert I wis the ae lawfae king o Scotland an that Scotland haed aye been a freestaunin kinrik. It is noo amang the auldest documents fae Europe that threaps on national identity.

The oreeginal wis wrutten in the Latin leid an aince haed near on fifty seals o lords eikit, but maist haes noo been tint. Ower the years a puckle owersettins fae the Latin haes been made comprehendin the ane ablow, wrutten in Scots bi Dr Dauvit Horsbroch o the Centre for the Scots leid. For tae tak  swatch please dounlaid the PDF file ablow, or lug in tae the wee soond file o a waling o ane o the maist kenspeckle pairts o the text.

Fowk can see the oreeginal Screive fae Arbroath ootset at the National Museum o Scotland, up the stair in gallery twa, fae 3 Juin until 2 Jooly 2023. Ingait is free.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

Photie taen bi Dr Dauvit Horsbroch