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Deidline for grant

3rd April 2023

Aw thaim wi an intress in settin furth warks in Scots shuid tak tent that the Publication Grant tae the Scots Leid haes its deidline set for twalhoures on Tuesday 18ct Aprile 2023.

The grant wis estaiblisht for tae gie uphaud tae screivars an publishers ettlin tae furder an set furth warks throu the Scots leid. It is fundit bi the Scots Government an the siller gaes throu the Buik Trust for Scotland.

Fowk that’s successfae in pittin in for siller will be grantit up til as muckle as £5,500 for a wark, but tak tent that warks maun be aw or maistly wrutten in Scots.

For tae get mair wittins o this please speir bi gait o email at or clap yer device on the wabsteid at whaur a body will can find a puckle PDF files tae airt them.


The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • Deidline for grant