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Deep Wheel Orcadia

31st October 2022

The poyet Harry Josephine Giles haes won the Arthur C Clarke Awaird for Lee-Science Buik o the Year, for the verse novel Deep Wheel Orcadia. Set on an aff-warld rig birlin aboot the heevens, the characters address questions anent life aff-warld, whit it means tae belang, an identity itsel. The story is tellt throu the Orkney dialect o Scots but haes a version in Soothron alang wi it. The winner, Giles, wis annoonced at an awaird ceremony hostit bi the Science Museum doun in Lunnon, an the author wis gien a tassie alang wi a prize warth ower £2,000. The awaird wis estaiblisht bi the screivar Arthur C Clarke for tae forder mair screivings anent lee-science subjects.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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