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New warks fae the Dictionars

2nd May 2022


No lang syne, Dr Rhona Alcorn, heid officer at the Dictionars o the Scots Leid,  annoonced that the haed been a puckle chenges tae the DSL online, for tae bring hit up tae date. Thir chenges comprehends wittins o whan ony intry wis first set furth, an whither it haes ony eiks an ends til’t. Mony o the quotes in DOST noo haes dates eikit, an hunners o sources no leetit in SND haes noo been comprehendit amang the warks citit. An the hail nummer o intries that shaws fae ony search is noo up tae 500. The staff at the Dictionars is ettlin tae mak mair regular updates tae the DSL Online gien that thay hae a new editing platform biggit.

In ither haunling, the fowk at the Dictionars haes jist set furth a split-new dictionar atween the Scots an Polls leids, cryed in Soothron Essential Scots-Polish Dictionary.

 Tho Scots haes whiles been rendert in ither leids, this is the first ane that turns it tae Polls an gies the ordnar meanings in that leid. Awthegither 9,500 Scots words an saws is set ower in Polls an plenishes soond files tae the learner sae thay micht can hear hoo Scots is soondit. The’r a bittie information that airts fowk tae words fund in parteeclar pairts jist, airtans anent spellings, an a wey o savin favourite words for efter. Uissfae for ilkaday leeving, an for lare, it is howpit that Polls bidin in Scotland will find it rare an haundy for gettin aboot. A body can dounlaid the Scots tae Polls app for free either bi gait o App Store or throu Google Play.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

The’r nae version o this story in Soothron.

  • New warks fae the Dictionars