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Kay at Pairlament

28th April 2022

On 26 Aprile 2022 braidcaster an screivar Billy Kay gied the first ever speech in Scots at the ‘Time for Reflection’ slot in the Scots pairlament. Takkin his inveet throu Emma Harper MSP, Billy Kay addresst the preses an the chaumer anent the Scots leid, its culture an sindry screivars in fernyears,  an anent its time tae come. He threapit on the importance o bairns haein thair mither tongue in aboot the scuils, baith spoken, an for buiklare, an askit MSPs tae gie it uphaud that gait for it wad seegnal tae pupils “…that the culture o their hame is valued bi fowk electit bi their mithers an faithers.” He gaed on tae airt the MSPs tae the reality o 1.5 million speakers braid Scotland. He said, “Noo’s the day an noo’s the oor tae rax oot an bring their words screivit on the waws ootside the pairlament intae the hert o this chaumer, words perfit for debate like ‘speir’ (inquire), ‘threap’ (assert), ‘jalouse’ (suspect), ‘tak tent’ (take care) or ‘it’s tint’ (it’s lost), or gin ye dinnae want tae be douce ye can hae a ‘flytin’, for it’s a leid hoatchin wig gleg insults – ‘glaikit’, ‘gawkit’, ‘gowk’. Kay pyntit oot the politeecians, fae aw pairties, that kent ane anither, an kent the Scots leid, an askit that nane o Jock Tamson’s bairns be excludit but raither howpit that the memmers wad furder the message that we aw belang.


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