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COP anent Climate Chenge

1st November 2021

The een o the warld is on Scotland the noo, or raither whaur the COP26 is gaithert. COP stertit aff in 1995, an stauns for ‘confeerence o the pairties’. It is the yearly Unitit Nations confeerence anent climate chenge an this is the twinty-saxt ane. The ordnar ettles o this gaithering is for states tae gree tae set tairgets for fechtin climate chenges, for tae cairry oot ploys that’s kinder til oor natural surroonds agin parteeclar dates.

Agin this ettle state leaders the braid warld is noo forgaitherin at the SEC in the hert o Glesca, fae 31 October tae 12 November 2021, tae see whither thay can pit in practice whit wis gree’d at the Pairis Greement or treaty o 2015.  

It is reckont that ower 121 warld leaders, alang wi 25,000 delegates, will attend the confeerence, but until the last twa-three weeks, days even, it wisna aye clear whit fowk wad be comin wi sindry switherin. We noo ken that Preses Vladimir Putin o Roushie, an Preses Jair Bolsonaro o Brazeil winna be comin, an while Preses Xi Jingping o Cheena canna mak it, it is jaloused he will address the COP bi gait o video link. Amang the leaders that is comin will be Preses Joe Biden o the USA, the ootgauin Angela Merkal o Germany, Narendra Modi fae Indie, Justin Trudeau fae Canadae, an Mario Draghi fae Italy forby aw the ordnar UN fowk.

No lang syne, Scotland’s First Meenister, Nicola Sturgeon, praised UN climate heid Patricia Espinosa for pentin a picture o the ‘stark reality’ for the warld leaders. Sturgeon is awa tae speak wi the Swaidish steerar Greta Thunberg an askit climate steerars comin tae Glesca tae caw cannie on the streets an gie due respect tae the city, the polis, an ither services. It is expectit that Nicola Sturgeon an Boris Johnson will haud some jynt haunling anent climate chenge on Tuesday 2 November.

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  • COP anent Climate Chenge