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FRLSU 2021


FRLSU 2021

23rd September 2021

The Forum for Speirings anent the Leids o Scotland an Ulster is noo open for fowk tae inrow, an ingait is free. The Forum will be held fae Tuesday 28ct October until Thursday 30t October 2021 online bi gait o the Ludwig Maximilian Versity o Munich. For tae inrow, please clap on the follaein:

A body will can get the programme for the confeerence at the wabsteid here:

Fower scholars fae the Forum will convene discussions throu the Soothron leid anent sindry subjects, stertin oot on Slack an syne  throu Zoom, as follaes:

1.  ‘How to approach pre-modern multilingualism in Scotland?’
     (Joanna Kopaczyk, Glasgow)

2.  ‘Disconnect: tracing (morphosyntactic) change in seventeenth and early eighteenth

     century Scots’
     (Robert McColl Millar, Aberdeen)

3.  ‘Gaelic sociolinguistics and language policy’
     (Wilson McLeod, Edinburgh)

4.  ‘21st century Scots: what is it, and where is it going?’
     (Jennifer Smith, Glasgow)

Awbody is walcome tae tak pairt, an hae a say, but maun be inrowed first bi gait o the online system.

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