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Papers from FRLSU 2018


Papers from FRLSU 2018

3rd December 2020


Recently published is volume 6 of the 12th triennial conference of the Forum for Research on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster, held at Glasgow in August 2018.  Entitled Language on the move across domains and communities (editors Dr Joanna Kopaczyk and Dr Robert McColl Millar), this volume contains several thoroughly researched topics by the leading authorities in their respective fields and is a welcome addition to our knowledge of our linguistic communities past and present. From the particular viewpoint of Scots language studies there are engaging papers which include ‘The Scots columns in The National’ from J Derrick McClure, ‘The Ulster Scots Language Society and recent developments in the study of Ulster Scots’, from Michael Montgomery, and ‘Assessing the intensity of language contact between Middle Dutch and Scots in late medieval Aberdeen’ from Anna Havinga.

The various papers may be freely read by way of open access at   hosted at the website of the University of Aberdeen. So please follow the link above.

An audio version of this news story is available in Scots above.