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Tartan Witch published

31st August 2020

On Sunday 30 August a new children’s book called Tartan Witch and the Highland Escapade had its virtual launch via Facebook and Youtube. Written by Greta York, and illustrated by Maggie Bolton, it tells the tale of Tartan witch and her fellow witches who come to visit at her highland croft. This bilingual story is nicely crafted in both English and Scots and is designed to teach children Scots turns of phrase and vocabulary in context. The reader will learn the Scots for the countryside, animals, dancing, food and sporting activities and children and parents alike can enjoy exploring the story together. Thanks to the Scots translator on Purple witch’s phone English versions in yellow bubbles appear alongside the Scots texts, which are easy to follow.

Tartan Witch and the Highland Escapade is available as a 24pp paperback priced £6.99 (ISBN-13 978-0993212482) and is published by via the website.