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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Dr Kenneth D Farrow

10th February 2020

The SLC would like to extend its condolences to the relatives and friends of Dr Kenneth D Farrow who passed away at the beginning of the month at the early age of 56. Kenneth was a native of Prestwick, Ayrshire and was educated at the universities of Stirling and Glasgow taking his PhD in the literature of Medieval and Renaissance Scotland. He later taught at the universities of Glasgow and Krakow in Poland but his teaching career was cut short by illness. However, Kenneth devoted himself to the study of writings in Scots, particularly from the 16th century, and published studies of John Knox and translated Homer’s The Iliad into Scots. The Iliad has yet to be published. But Kenneth will no doubt be primarily remembered for his editorial work with Lallans, the journal of the Scots Language Society. First taken under the wing of the late Councillor John M Law, a stalwart of the Society, Kenneth assisted with editing copy and in 2008 became the reviews editor. After the death of John Law in 2010 Kenneth Farrow became joint editor of the journal along with Elaine Morton.  The SLC’s convener Rab Wilson said of Kenneth “...he alsae hud a joco sense o humour that he brocht tae the darg. Oan his subjects Kenneth wis a blithe an canty conversationalist...He wis an aefuald kind man, an verra sympathetic tae ither fowk’s tribbles an issues, an wid gang oot his road tae support colleagues wha wir aiblins struggling at times wi deidlines an workloads.”  Dr Farrow’s funeral service was held on Thursday 6 February.