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Return of Book Week

4th November 2019

The Scottish Book Trust is hosting its annual Book Week Scotland during the dates 18 to 24 November 2019. The Book Week aims to encourage the public, young and old, to celebrate books and reading. Among the events related to the Scots language are the following:

Jess Smith Bletherin, Wednesday 20 November, Stirling, starts 14.00pm

Jess Smith Still Bletherin, Wednesday 20 November, Killin, starts 19.30pm

School of Scottish Studies Archives, Friday 22 November, Edinburgh, starts 15.00pm

Hamish Henderson Poet and War Hero, Friday 22 November, Edinburgh, starts 19.30pm

BookBug Scots version, Saturday 23 November, in Edinburgh, starts 10.30am

Oor Big Braw Cosmos, Saturday 23 November, Kirkudbright, starts 14.00pm

The above events are free but please check for more details of these and other events by following this link scotland/events?utf8=%E2%9C%93&filterrific%5Bhas_local_authority%5D=&filterrific%5Bhas_age_group%5D=&filterrific%5Bhas_date%5D=&filterrific%5Bhas_event_genre%5D=scots&filterrific%5Bhas_event_type%5D=&filterrific%5Bin_location%5D=