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Beyond Words

30th May 2019

Running alongside the Scottish International Storytelling Festival this year is the 2019 Community Programme called Beyond Words. This will run from Monday 2 September until Monday 2 December and will be a chance for community groups to book a storyteller for an event and also take part in the Beyond Words Story Exchange on Wednesday 27 November. The idea is to encourage communities, schools and other local groups to come together around a storyteller and share oral tales, and in any of Scotland’s languages.

If your group is thinking about taking part, and would like to arrange a storyteller, then why not contact the Storytelling Forum and book a storyteller? The Forum has an extensive directory of storytellers who can be tailored to the event. The Forum also offers an £80 subsidy towards bookings. For advice and more information please contact National Storyteller Co-ordinator Miriam Morris by email at at Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland in Edinburgh.