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Congratulations Alessandra

17th July 2017

The Scots Language Centre would like to congratulate Alessandra D’Agostino on passing her degree. Alessandra, who is a student at the Faculty of Languages at the University “G. Annunzio” in Pescara, Italy, first contacted Dr Dauvit Horsbroch late in 2016 regarding her degree thesis on the Scots language. The thesis is entitled “Whit’s At Caad in Scots?” La Scozia tra identità e dialetto’ and explores the language and dialects of modern day Scotland and the ways in which they reflect national identity. Among other areas, Alessandra looked at both standard and dialect writing, the identity of Scots speakers, the relationship with English, and how Scots is presented in the press and on screen, and, indeed, the lack of presence that Scots has in the media.

The Scots Language Centre is glad to have been able to provide advice and assistance with this and other academic research on the language, and we would like to wish Alessandra well for the future.