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Fabiani to consider report on Scots

4th July 2007

Culture Minister, Linda Fabiani MSP, has indicated that she would consider commissioning a report in to the state of the Scots language. In response to a question form Rob Gibson MSP at a meeting of the Parliament's Education Committee, Fabiani said, " If the (Cross Party) group (on Scots) would like us to consider commissioning an expert report on Scots, I would be more than happy to look at its submission.". Fabiani said that she still hadn't had any official meetings with representatives of the Scots language community but that she hoped to do so before long. Michael Hance from the Scots Language Centre said he was, "fair pleased" to hear that the Culture Minister was open to suggestions about a report. "We're hopin that the new government will tak tent o whit the Cross Pairty Group's bein sayin aboot the need for an investigation in tae the best weys tae support Scots an its dialects. We're richt gratefu tae Rob Gibson for bringin up this maitter. The government haes aaready gien 5 million tae rescue a historic hoose - it wad be braw if they wad finn jist ten per cent o that tae help save the Scots tongue."